2 companies with compelling audience and revenue strategies that you’ll meet with on our Washington, D.C. Innovation Mission

Revenue diversification. In local media, it’s a steady drumbeat – and an urgent priority – everywhere you go. And it’s taking shape in a variety of forms: digital subscriptions, live events, integrated sponsorships and native campaigns, exclusive membership programs, connected TV (targeted OTT ads), and more.

The common thread among this ever-expanding set of revenue opportunities that are local media’s growth path: strong, differentiated digital brands and highly-engaged audiences.

LMA’s next Innovation Mission is heading to Washington, D.C. February 11-13, 2019, to give local media leaders full immersion into building thriving digital brands and audiences that generate meaningful revenue. Here are two signature visits you won’t want to miss…

The Washington Post

At The Washington Post, a blueprint for a thriving digital subscriptions business is emerging. The venerable Post has soared past 1 million subs, leveraging its strong brand, combined with an array of smart consumer marketing and audience engagement strategies, all data-empowered. This includes building out a strong email newsletter program for subscriber acquisition, offering exclusive benefits to retain subscribers, and creating new brands such as The Lily that draw new consumers into the community. While The Post designs and executes at national / global scale, but the tent poles of its subscriptions strategy are hyper-relevant to any publisher.

In a private meeting with The Post’s consumer marketing leadership, IM attendees will learn how to apply the company’s growth strategies to build thriving subscriptions businesses.


A model of revenue diversity, USA TODAY NETWORK (Gannett) is investing heavily in programs that capitalize on its brand and audience strength across its 109 regional newspapers. These include live event franchises from food and wine festivals to local sports events that are creating brand loyalists and driving prospective subscribers deeper into the customer relationship funnel. In fact, the company put on more than 500 events across its network last year. The company is also testing new concepts around membership experiences and new affiliate revenue / ecommerce initiatives.

Beyond the core newspaper mastheads, USA TODAY NETWORK is also launching unique brands that foster new audience relationships and open up new revenue opportunities. Humankind and Animalkind are prime examples of standalone brands that thrive across both owned & operated and social platforms, with content and experiences that customers love.

The marketing, customer experience, video, and revenue teams at USA TODAY NETWORK will take attendees deep inside their multi-dimensional growth and diversification strategy, including tactics for building successful digital brands.

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