Speaking Engagements

“Jed’s seminars at America East were extremely valuable. What made them valuable is that Jed has spent several months talking to industry insiders and listening carefully to what’s working and what’s not. Jed also brought a practical understanding of what can really be implemented and what will really work to generate new revenue. The sessions were great.” – John Walker, Digital Marketing Director, Steinman Communications

Want to Make Your Events More Dynamic?

Our team will move the needle with your attendees!

Delivering actionable insights from the board room to the sales floor, Nancy Lane, Jed Williams and Jack Zavarol will have attendees buzzing with new ideas and ready to drive new revenue. From innovative digital strategies and new revenue ideas to improved sales performance, we offer expertise on the topics that matter most to your members.

Strategic Topics
• Key Industry Trends in Digital Advertising & Marketing
• “Thinking Like a Startup“ – Building a Culture of Disruptive Innovation
• Making your Digital Agency Sustainable and Profitable
• Using Customer Data to Power Digital Sales Success
• Making Money with Facebook: Strategies and Best Practices

Tactical Topics
• Leading the Conversation; a Framework for Local Digital Media Sales
• Better Prospecting by Researching Your Customer’s Digital Profile
• Overcoming Objections in the Digital Age
• Case Studies in Successful Digital Marketing from Local Merchants

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