The D.C. Innovation Mission Agenda Is Set! Here’s 1 Big Thing You’ll Learn on Each Visit

The agenda for LMA’s Washington D.C. Innovation Mission is set! And it’s all about revenue diversification, strong brands, and robust audience relationships.

This includes major focus on digital subscription acquisition and retention strategies, other consumer revenue initiatives (membership programs, live events, ecommerce), and premium content verticals (sports, politics, B2B). Attendees will tackle these themes in closed-door meetings and private networking with many of the most progressive media companies in the industry. Here are the confirmed Innovation Mission visits, and one big thing you’ll learn from each…

The Washington Post:Digital subscriptions have soared past 1 million, and it’s not just because of a strong brand and the “Trump bump.” The Post has invested heavily in a data-centric consumer marketing operation that strategically identifies audiences at each level of the engagement funnel and tailors specific journeys to subscription conversion. Learn about its acquisition strategies and how you can make data foundational to subscription growth.

McClatchy: The company is building unique digital brands for specific audiences that drive a variety of revenue opportunities. Sports Pass is McClatchy’s sports-only subscription brand that appeals specifically to the sports fanatics in its local markets. The Influencer Series is a policy and politics-focused brand that pulls together reader feedback and community leaders to create a new collaborative journalism model focused on key local issues, with high-impact brand sponsorships. Learn how McClatchy designs and launches digital brands that stick, generating meaningful revenue.

The Atlantic: Masthead is The Atlantic’s recently-launched membership model (in addition to digital subscriptions). The unique program includes direct reader immersion in the newsroom and editorial process, exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, VIP access to signature events, ad-free browsing and podcast listening, and more. Membership represents the next frontier of consumer revenue, extending and going beyond subscriptions. Go in-depth on one of the most forward-looking programs around.

Axios: You know an Axios email newsletter when you see it – clean, concise, smart. The company has built a modern media business centered around email and podcasts, all fueled by thoughtful native advertising and branded content. Learn how Axios designs and funds its email-first business to foster brand loyalty.

USA TODAY NETWORK: The company is taking a holistic view of consumer revenue, including building out digital brands and live event experiences both nationally and locally, and across a variety of platforms. Learn how USA TODAY NETWORK is building strong audiences and revenue streams, testing new subscription products, and creating successful events franchises.

Industry Dive: Contrary to popular belief, building a successful media enterprise doesn’t have to be all about scale. In fact, Industry Dive has done just the opposite, building deep category expertise in a variety of B2B verticals, and translating this unique, sough-after content into a profitable business. Learn how the company selects and then monetizes its content verticals, and how you can do the same with your most engaged audiences.

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