These are some of the top takeaways for Innovation Mission participants

For the last three days, more than a dozen media executives visited a variety of disruptive businesses in San Francisco/Silicon Valley as part of  Local Media Association’s Innovation Mission.

As the tour wrapped up on Wednesday, participants gathered and shared their top takeaways.

Here they are:

  • We don’t embrace failure. It’s a deliberate organization. We can do rapid prototyping that doesn’t involve pushing code. We will start implementing this right away to show user need and desirability.
  • Stay true to your brand and give the customer what they want versus what we think is going to work well.
  • In the newspaper space, a big constraint is the focus on things that are systems-dependent. Let’s start asking “what are the innovations that can happen around those systems to impact them?”
  • I’m struggling to explain all the cool things we’re building at my company. I’m determined to work on how to present technology in a more useful way.
  • I came into this hoping to find out how to better understand our audiences and give them better experiences in order to monetize them better. There isn’t a silver bullet, but I’ll take with me a tool set and a pathway through research to hone this thinking.
  • I took a lot of inspiration from The Hustle visit. I love their focus on customer lifetime value (LTV). Our industry needs to focus much more on this!
  • “Voice is the new touch”
  • It’s striking the amount of time and attention that Google puts into hiring. It’s time my company put more things in place to make sure we hire the right people.