These are the 10 most popular stories on in 2017

As part of the Local Media Association’s year-end content, we’re looking at some of our most popular content. Here are the most popular headlines on in 2017.

1. In partnership with LMA and LMC, Facebook offering six webinars to help journalists develop their skills

2. Christian Hendricks named Local Media Association’s 2017 Innovator of the Year

3. Local Media Association hires David Arkin as Chief Content Officer 

4. 3 big lessons to consider when selling digital marketing services 

5. What the head of video at BuzzFeed News says you should do with your video strategy 

6. 11 ideas for your year-end newsroom lists

7. 5 ways you can monetize video on Facebook

8. LMA members in Texas, Louisiana go all out to bring audience critical information during Hurricane Harvey

9. These 12 back-to-school ideas won’t bore your audience

10. Ask yourself these questions before you post your story on social media