Chief Digital Club Tackling Growing of Digital Agencies

Chief Digital Club updates

Digital Agency Growth
Several groups addressed key challenges and opportunities with selling digital marketing services. This includes key decisions in areas such as sales structure, sales leadership compensation, and whether to fulfill specific solutions in-house or outsource them to R&D partners.

Video Revenue Strategies
Driving meaningful lift from video – and scalably – continues to be a challenge. Group members shared revenue wins and best practices, including Facebook Live sponsorships, custom video production for advertisers, and live streaming.

Data Management Approaches
Audience development, data management, and direct consumer revenue are hot industry buzzwords these days. Groups shared specific approaches to bolstering their customer databases, and then leveraging these databases to generate direct and indirect revenue.

The CDC currently has 73 members and a couple of spots are open in certain groups, depending on the fit. For more information, visit or contact Jed Williams at


Chief Content Club

Video categories
Finding the right video categories to prioritize can make or break the engagement you get with video. One of our clubs focused on video categories that are more niche based like a regular feature on Main Street business owners showcasing their product to videos profiling staff members racing down a mountain on skis with a Go Pro camera attached.

Monetizing content on Facebook
Content leaders are very aware of the importance of finding ways to do more than just build audience on Facebook but help monetize when possible. One of our groups reviewed a bunch of ideas around Facebook monetization such as smart technologies to help predict successful stories for Instant Articles and good video categories for sponsored video.

The CCC is adding members on an ongoing basis. For more information, visit or contact David Arkin at