What the head of video at BuzzFeed News says you should do with your video strategy

The executive leading the charge for video at BuzzFeed News shared strategies for local media companies to consider during a session Thursday morning at Media Transformation.

Henry Goldman, Head of Video at BuzzFeed News shared a host of takeaways for media companies on everything from storytelling to getting the most out of video on Facebook.

Here are few of the highlights:

• Text in video: If you create video with text or subtitles, shoot for video in the one to two minute range. Goldman said that range has changed over the last few months to be longer. “Breaking news and social news stories seem to be performing best for this approach.”

• Explainers: Explainer formats or video essays are driving engagement. “Explainers are great to take a deep dive on an argument or to explain something complicated,” Goldman said. There has to be a peg and urgency to get someone to watch these. They just have to be important to peoples lives.”

• Facebook video: When it comes to creating successful video for Facebook, consider starting with the most important part of the video, what would typically be the ending in a traditional video and then back into the story from there, Goldman suggested. “Get your audiences attention by showing them the best part of the video first,” he said.

• Diverse lineup: You can’t just focus on what juices the most audience with video, Goldman said. “It’s about having a mix of things that showcase great journalism, having the lighter stuff and finding what is sharable and how to optimize the platform.”

• Reporters on video: Making reporters experts is an effective video strategy, Goldman said. “Allow reporters to be experts on big subjects and figure out how to optimize them for the platform,” he said.