What you should do today to combat Facebook’s News Feed change

Last week, Facebook announced pretty significant changes to its News Feed that will mean content from media and brands will no longer be featured as prevalent as it had. The move was made, Facebook said, in an effort to get back to the core mission Facebook started with of sharing moments of friends and family.

 The news created concern across the industry on Friday because so many news organizations rely heavily on referral traffic from the social media giant.

 However, there were a host of forward-thinking commentaries offered that provided insight into how media companies should adjust their strategies. We have collected nine that we believe are worth spending some time with.

Here are the steps we’re suggesting you take today that are noted in their articles:

1. Really build out your newsletter database and make improvements to your current newsletter product. This will become a hugely important distribution method. Look into other platforms that you may not be active in today.

2. Remind your readers they can select your brand to show up first in their feed, ensuring they continue to see everything you post. Here’s how to do that.

3. Look into Facebook’s Groups and create groups of loyalists who want to engage with your content and have valuable conversations about issues you are driving.

Nine articles about Facebook’s News Feed change

 1. After Facebook news, many news organizations told their audiences to engage with them through newsletters and apps (Lion)

2. Facebook is emphasizing groups and publishers are following suit (Digiday)

3. Facebook is done with quality journalism. Deal with it. (Medium)

4. How Campbell Brown is explaining what this change means (Digiday)

5. What Jeff Jarvis hopes Facebook’s move means (Medium)

6. Why taking news out of the News Feed is great for news (Neva Labs)

 7. Will readers bother go looking for news now that Facebook isn’t putting it in front of them? (Nieman Lab)

 8. Facebook changes could help the media kick its algorithm addiction (Columbia Journalism Review)

9. How to prepare for the removal of publisher posts from Facebook (Medium)