What you’ll learn about Spirited Media’s membership model on our New York City Innovation Mission

Those interested in learning how to create successful membership models will hear how Spirited Media’ has done just that at the upcoming Local Media Association Innovation Mission in New York City.

The Nov. 12-14 mission will focus solely on digital subscriptions/consumer revenue innovation. The trip is tailor-built for media leaders who are building subscription businesses and diversifying their revenue with consumers.

At Spirited Media, membership has played a big role in their diversified revenue future, with models launching in each of its markets earlier this year.

Here are a few things to know:

Why Spirited Media sought a membership model

You can read a letter from Founder and CEO Jim Brady on why they decided to build a membership model. Brady told readers they believed in open access and would not launch a paywall but would require reader support as one of their revenue streams.

With 1,500 paying customers, this is what Spirited Media has learned

This Nieman Lab article features a host of Spirited Media journalists on what they have learned about membership, how best to ask for donations and how crucial their newsletter list has become.

What Innovation Mission attendees will learn

Brady will take attendees inside the strategy, with an update on how the membership model is working so far.

What Brady told LMA about membership

“It’s less about tiers than about the overall membership pitch. To a large extent, the amount given will be dependent on two things: 1) what people can afford, and 2) the depth of their connection with the product. So what the tiers are and what comprises them, while important, is less important than building a relationship with consumers. And that relationship comes via the quality of the work, the tone of the messaging and the willingness to engage with consumers.  So that’s where you start. Not with what the tiers are…”

Here’s some more reading on membership models

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Why supporters pay for journalism

• When it comes to launching serious sustainable membership programs for journalism, ask more often and aim higher

How you can register for the Innovation Mission

Go to the LMA specialty page to sign up today.