Why Elevate! will be crucial for your company’s digital evolution

Are you seeking strategies to boost consumer revenues, build a branded content business, and engage social media audiences more effectively?

If so, here’s good news. The Elevate! conference, Sept. 17-19 in Chicago, will take on all of those topics and plenty more. These sessions are likely to have big take-back-to-the-office benefits:

1. Consumer revenues

What the session will cover: We’ll introduce you to the 10 newspapers participating in the GNI Subscriptions Lab, and will report on their roadmap strategies that include testing everything from new approaches to newsletters, retention efforts, membership models, pricing strategies and content distribution playbooks.

What the session moderator says:

Jed Williams


“One of the most significant shifts I see within many local media companies that sets them up for consumer revenue success is real organizational alignment around subscriptions being a companywide North Star. Not just in audience development, or the newsroom, or the C-Suite, but in cross-functional, unified teams toward a common objective, with clear metrics to measure success. The metrics being selected and focused on are getting smarter as well. They encompass the full customer journey, from early acquisition to deeper engagement to actual conversion, and then the onboarding and re-engagement experience post-conversion to retain subscribers. All told, this adds adds up to thoughtful strategies for short and long-term success in which everyone plays a role. — Jed Williams, chief strategy officer, LMA/Accelerate Local

2. Social media

What we’ll cover: We will review CrowdTangle’s U.S. Local News Trends Report and discover how the local news industry is performing on Facebook.

What the session moderator says:

Emilie Lutostanski


“We’ve seen a lot of trends that are working for local publishers across social platforms. Specifically on Facebook, year-over-year data is promising for news pages focused on growing interactions, and we’ve identified both length and content attributes for social video that garner more interactions than average. At Elevate! we’ll review the not-yet-released CrowdTangle local news trends report that includes public metrics for more than 2,000 local news Facebook pages, including LMA and LMC members. Using the tremendous wealth of data surfaced via CrowdTangle, we’ll frame actionable, prescriptive takeaways for attendees that highlight how local newsrooms are growing audience organically.” — Emilie Lutostanski, director of the Local News Resource Center

3. Branded content 

What we’ll cover: Progress from the media companies that participated as alpha partners of The Branded Content Project. Find out what local advertisers have to say about their experiences with branded content, as well as how the alpha partners used learnings to shape or reshape their branded content product lines. 

What the session moderator says:

Julia Campbell


“As local media organizations look to diversify revenue streams, one of the best opportunities out there is combining what publishers do best – storytelling and helping businesses grow. Branded content does require more internal resources than other advertising options but that’s what creates the opportunity, you can create unique initiatives that only YOUR organization can provide, differentiating you in the market. The investment in time and effort pays off by making you one of the few media companies offering quality branded content as a service, making you the publisher of choice for many advertisers. Basically – build something they can’t get anywhere else!” — Julia Campbell, Branded Content Project Lead

Elevate! is a partnership of Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium.

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