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Local Media is a new class of membership offered to non-newspapers such as broadcasters, directory publishers, magazine publishers, and pure plays. LMA is a great complement to the primary associations that serve legacy media because the focus will be on growing digital at the local level. (For newspaper membership click here.)


Please note: Our free 42+ annual webinars are media agnostic and focus on digital transformation. Our Advanced Digital Sales certification course was developed by a leading broadcast sales trainer. Our conferences feature broadcast, directory, pure play, digital, and newspaper presenters.

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Regular Annual Dues

  • $795 for all media in a single DMA
  • $3,295 for national companies or those that operate media companies in five or more DMA’s



Application for Membership (PDF)


Gordon Borrell, LMA chairman of the board, and Borrell Associates CEO- “We live in a time of phenomenal channel expansion. That’s led to not only massive opportunity in the media world, but also massive confusion. LMA’s vote to broaden its membership creates an environment where we can all learn from the best of the best – not just the best among one type of media. I’m honored, and in fact proud, to be part of such a forward-thinking trade association.”