Local Media Association has over 2,400 newspaper members. There’s a reason why newspaper membership is up over 20% in the last 3 years. LMA is laser-focused on helping local media companies discover new and sustainable business models to ensure a bright future. We offer individual, group and corporate memberships. Our membership is diverse and represents some of the largest newspapers in the world down to some of the smaller family-owned operations and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on serving the needs of all members regardless of size or market type. LMA newspaper members include: The McClatchy Company, GateHouse Media, BH Media, Ogden Newspapers, Swift Communications, Evening Post Industries, Shaw Media, Wick Communications, and more.


2017 Regular Annual Dues

Regular Membership dues are calculated based on a formula of .03852 (i.e., just over 3 and a half cents) multiplied by each unduplicated circulation copy. All mastheads published by that company within the same area will be counted for dues purposes. (Example: group of newspapers with 80,000 circulation: 80,000 x .03852 = $3,081.60). The minimum cost for regular membership is $799; maximum cost is $4,999.


2017 Corporate Annual Dues

Corporate memberships are held by the parent company and all suburban and community newspaper mastheads published by that company regardless of their geographic location or total circulation will be considered Local Media Association members.

Local Media Association’s annual Corporate Membership dues are based on total circulation:

Tier 1: Corporate members with a total circulation of 275,000 or less: $9,499

Tier 2: Corporate members with a total circulation between 275,001 and 775,000: $9,999
Tier 3: Corporate members with a total circulation of 775,001 or more: $13,999