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Local Media Association is a thriving and innovative association that serves more than 2,600 local media companies (newspapers, TV, radio, directories, pure plays, and more) as well as hundreds of research & development partners in the industry. LMA assists local media companies with the digital transition via cutting-edge programs, conferences, webinars, research, reports, and training. Our motto is “Innovation | Education | Inspiration.”

At Local Media Association, we believe some of the best sustainable business model initiatives are a result of partnerships between local media companies and industry vendors; or as we like to call these innovative product/service providers – R & D partners. We use the term R & D partners because this is where so many of the innovative ideas and solutions we see today have been incubated and brought to market.

Our tag line says it all: “LMA – not your average association.” LMA has never had a dividing wall separating member-types. We strongly believe that all members, media companies and R & D partners alike, should be treated equally and afforded the same members’ benefits across the board. Now more than ever, we encourage collaboration between the media companies and the R&D partners to develop the types of products and services that will best serve the end-user.

We could list more than a dozen reasons to join LMA, including unmatched access to media-company members, cutting-edge research, timely and innovative programs, and inclusion in our member database.

The best way to prove the value of a LMA membership is to hear what other R & D partners have to say about us:

Marketing Opportunities available to all R&D and Associate Members at a discounted rate provide excellent industry exposure for your company.


Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at annual conferences and highly focused niche-workshops and summits:

  • Mega-Conference (February)
  • Digital Revenue Summit (May)
  • Digital Services Summit (August)
  • Innovation Conference and Tech Expo (September)
  • Native Advertising Summit (November)
  • Events Summit (November)

Complete conference and workshop details are available on the site.


Participation in LMA’s native advertising program published in our monthly newsletter, Local Media Today and on the LMA website. (Participation in this program is at the discretion of the newsletter editor.)

This is the perfect way to introduce your company to decision makers by highlighting your knowledge of the latest media industry technology and trends.


Inclusion in our online comprehensive directory of R&D partners.

When decision makers in the industry are looking for solutions, they turn to our directory of R&D partners. Your company’s logo, description, and key contacts are made available to every media executive in the industry. It is one of the rare places that all media executives, members or not, can research and compare products and services. It is one of the top 10 trafficked areas of our website every month.

We are so confident that you will find this membership so extremely valuable that we guarantee ROI.

Two Affordable Membership Options Available:

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