Accelerate Local: How does it work?

Cracking the code to build a viable future for journalism will take far more than any one person or company can provide. Created by Local Media Association and backed by its deep partner network, Accelerate Local fuses the experience of local media with the ingenuity and strength of leading tech providers and entrepreneurs to reinvent business models that support a healthy local news ecosystem.

AL process diagramAccelerate Local puts promising, scalable new models through a unique and rigorous end-to-end process, from brainstorming to rollout, leveraging LMA’s diverse resources.

Rather than funding journalism projects directly or incubating individual companies, Accelerate Local seeks profitable business models that will sustain the craft of journalism long-term.

Media companies, journalists, academics, entrepreneurs and developers with experience inside and outside the industry can submit ideas to the accelerator. Accelerate Local then leverages LMA’s powerful network, working directly with media companies to research and test new solutions, evaluate results, and bring them to market with practical implementation strategies to drive success: training, playbooks, coaching and partner support.

As the development process unfolds, Accelerate Local emerges as a definitive resource hub for proving best practices, sharing key findings and case studies with the industry, and supporting media companies to successfully execute new models.

Accelerate Local accommodates the reality that one size does not fit all. Projects will differentiate among print, broadcast and digital interests, as well as large and small markets, while looking for common ground to collaborate.

As it progresses, Accelerate Local will be staffed with leading experts in data science, technology research, design thinking, sales, marketing and training. It is in the strongest position to bring bold, scalable business models for news to market.

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